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EAU Structural & Environmental Services


  • reinforced concrete foundations
  • under-pinning
  • stone foundations
  • reinforced concrete bases
  • beams + columns
  • steel stairs, hand rails, platforms etc
  • small steel framed builings
  • storm water/sanitary/potable water systems
  • drainage plans

Multi Use Sustainable Trails

  • Road Trail Building
  • Small Bridge Design and Construction
  • Used for Hiking, Walking, Horse Riding, ATV's, Snowmobile, off-road motor cycle, and off-road 4x4 vehicle trails


  • slope stability
  • soil analysis
  • soil properties

Trail Development

Trails can become a very significant boost to the local economy. Communities that are looking into building a trail should consult us in order to get the most from this investment.  

There are many examples of trails that have failed to provide any measurable positive economic impact to communities. However, the potential of a well-planned and well-developed trail system through a community, is huge.  

There are a number of project elements that need to be done right but unfortunately are often overlooked. Our company can work with you and the community to set you on a path in the right direction, so that we have a sustainable trail system, one that benefits both the community at large and tourists. 


Goals for the Community:

The goal for any local community is to increase their tax base, which will ultimately increase local spending. Where does this come from..? The local residents and visitors. So if we can build a trail system that attracts both the locals and visitors, then we have created a successful trail system.


What we can offer:

A team with uncommon expertise, with capabilities of transforming a trail idea into an economic engine